• Our investment is personal

    We believe in entrepreneurs
    We analyze business plans
    We invest in people who execute the best business plans


Because entrepreneurship is a need
Because entrepreneurship is for few
Because entrepreneurs is what generates innovation

Being an entrepreneur is not a life style

Entrepreneurs are bothered by the status quo,
bothered to the point of wanting to change the world,
bothered to the point of not giving up on changing the world,
bothered to the point that they change the world,
and then remain just as bothered.

Being an entrepreneur is a personality trait

We win
We make mistakes
We study
We work hard
We never give up

Our investment thesis is that people build businesses

You have an innovative idea
We seek talent
You need help to pave your path
We have paved many paths

Before investing in you, we need to get to know you better.
Before accepting our investment, you need to get to know us better

This is our day-to-day

Companies we believe in